Streaming TV is on the Rise

From Cord Cutters to "Cord Nevers," Streaming TV surpassed 268.3 Million Users in 2019.

With the average cable bill at around $217.42 per month [1], it’s no wonder people are cutting the cord from paid TV services. In fact, 40.2 Million households were projected to be without paid TV by the end of 2019, a 19.2% increase in cord cutting [2].

As we find ourselves in 2020 and begin looking to the future, we can see that cord cutting isn’t slowing down. If anything, it’s speeding up. By 2023, the number of households without paid TV will hit 56.1 million. [3]

Cord cutting doesn’t mean unplugging, either. According to MRI-Simmons, 12% of the US population have never had paid TV services—that’s about 31 Million people, most of which are Gen X. [4]

Streaming TV has been on the rise for years, but the recent COVID-19 outbreak has accelerated that growth.

80% of US Consumers now have at least one streaming video subscription [5], up from 55% in 2018 [6]. Between parents (Gen X) and prospective students (Gen Z) there’s an active audience ready to be entertained and engaged.

Total US Streaming TV Users
Gen Z (Ages 14-21)
Millennials (Ages 22-35)
Gen X (Ages 36-52)
Boomers (Ages 53-71)
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Roku Holds the Largest Market Share
Roku has a 39% market share of CTV devices in the U.S, including an estimated one-third of the Smart TVs sold in the US and Canada that use Roku’s interface. [7]
Amazon Fire TV is in a Close Second Place
In January, surpassed 40 million accounts globally. In the U.S., Amazon has a 30% market share of CTV devices, including Smart TV manufacturers. [8]
Apple TV
Apple TV is hanging on to their spot among the big three with 13.2% market share, followed by Google’s Android TV and Chromecast platforms as well as several other platforms. [9]
Google’s Android TV & Chromecast
Formerly 3rd in the race for the Streaming TV market share, Google’s platforms recently fell to the bottom with less than 10% market share.[10] Samsung Tizen and many others compete for the remainder.

U.S. Adults ages 18+ now watch nearly 6 hours of video per day.Source

Generation Z and Millennials consume more video content than any generation before them. Websites, social media, and apps are a great way to engage prospective students, but Streaming TV allows you to meet an active audience where they're already engaging.

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