Getting Started

The regular setup of the Roku and Amazon Fire TV channels is $2,499. This fee is waived with a 12-month, annual enrollment. The monthly subscription fee is $997/mo and includes Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and any additional platforms you wish to add, as well as unlimited uploads, ongoing maintenance. hosting, and distribution.

For each additional platform beyond Roku and Amazon Fire TV, a one-time setup fee of $497 will apply. The monthly subscription or annual enrollment fees will remain the same.

If you subscribe to our Streaming TV platform on a month-to-month basis, no contracts or obligations are required. Cancel any time. 30 days notice is required.

You may opt to sign a 12-month agreement for a reduction in overall cost, though this is not required.

See pricing for more details.

After we receive all your assets, our team will begin the design/build process which normally takes approximately 3-5 business days. Once approved by you and your team, we’ll submit the channels to Roku and Amazon FireTV for approval. This, under normal circumstances, can take approximately 3-5 business days as well.

All in all, the entire process can take anywhere from six to ten business days. Because we are dependant upon Roku and Amazon for channel approvals, whose approval times can vary, we cannot guarantee exact delivery times.

Once your channels are approved by the platforms (Roku and Amazon FireTV) the channels will be instantly available for download. In other words, they’ll be available six to ten business days after we receive all of your assets.

Absolutely! We have a full-service design and development team who will work with you on your channel designs, but you’re welcome to submit your own designs as well.

Once your channel is live and ready to download, the search and installation process is very easy! When a user opens his or her device, whether it’s a Roku, Amazon FireTV, or an Apple TV, he or she can simply use the search feature to type in your channel’s name. Once the user sees your channel’s name in the search results, they can click the icon and download the channel.

Currently, we are not placing any restrictions on how much content you and your organization can upload. The max file size for any one video is 100 GB, so the sky’s the limit.

About the Platform

You can enhance your Streaming TV experience with the following features, though additional rates and charges will apply.


  • YouTube distribution
  • Apple TV Integration
  • Android TV Integration
  • Live Streaming via a RTMP feed

Our team will provide you with access to a self-serve portal that will allow you to upload and delete video content.

Think of our Streaming TV service like having a Netflix for your school. Our Streaming TV services are a TV-based experience whereas most live streaming services are a computer- or smartphone-based experience.

Many schools are live streaming via Facebook, YouTube, or other streaming platforms, but our apps allow you to build a library of video content, live on-demand. So, your students can sit down on the couch and enjoy your content with family or friends any time they want.

Best of all, they can watch from their TV without ads or distractions.

It is possible to connect some live streaming platforms with our channels, allowing you to continue streaming while also populating the channels with your live feed. Here are the current options:

  • Option A – You can provide a prerecorded MP4 that our team can post and schedule to run at the “live” time to simulate a live event. This gives you a chance to edit the video, add captions, make sure it’s perfect.
  • Option B – If your school already uses a streaming service like Living As One to stream to the Internet, our team can post a scheduled HLS feed to run at the live time. The HLS feed points to a M3U8 file.
  • Option C – You can purchase a video mixer board that produces an RTMP feed, or purchase an appliance that converts HDMI-in to RTMP. This option includes the following additional fees:
    • $100.00 per hour and 16¢ per viewer per hour. For example, a 1-hour stream with 100 viewers would be $116.00.

The quality is based on the quality of the video provided. Our platform does not compress or alter your videos in any way. However, due to varying internet speeds, the video may be displayed at a lower quality by Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, or whichever platform you’re using to stream your content to prevent repeated buffering for the end viewer.

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"I am excited about the potential that this streaming TV technology offers, and about the opportunities of partnering with Creative Edge."
Dr. Carlos Vargas
President, Southeast Missouri State University
“Creative Edge is changing the game! Until now, high quality & affordable are two words that haven't lived together in the world of streaming tv services. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with them on this groundbreaking adventure for our organization."
Josh Reeves
Creative Director, La Croix Church
"Our company has had its own TV show for over two decades. Our new streaming TV service opens up a whole new way to deliver our listings to buyers. It truly is like a Netflix for our brokerage… We love it!"
Dawn Daly
Director of Operations, House of Brokers Realty, Inc.