What is eduflix?

eduflix is a cutting edge technology that allows you to deliver your video content, on-demand, via Streaming TV.

Schools, brands, churches, influencers, and people of all walks of life have been live streaming for years using tools like Facebook Live, but now you can build a Streaming TV channel for your school.

Think of it like a Netflix for your school, but 100% your school, available on the most popular platforms.

100% Unique. 100% You.

Streaming TV through eduflix allows you to build a content-driven channel that is as unique as you, your faculty, and your students. Bring the fun and excitement that everyone at your school knows and loves.
With eduflix, the 
 are endless.
Build a Library of Lectures

Give your professors the ability to share lectures, bonus materials, and motivational content.

Provide Virtual Tours

Provide convenient virtual tours so students and their families can see your school from the comfort of their home.

Live Stream Events & More

Live stream events like graduation, guest speakers, special announcements, and more.

Feature Student-Created Content

Give students an exciting new platform for sharing student created content like short films, news, and more.

We make it easy to get started with Streaming TV.

Just ask us how Today.
Built for Entertainment

We developed eduflix out of a passion for entertainment and engagement.

Streaming TV is the most popular and widely used platform for consuming content. The platform enables you to deliver exciting content straight to the TV screen, allowing you and your staff to meet students and families where they’re already at.


Discover the Simplicity

Bring your campus to the living room of your audience. eduflix provides your school an independent channel where you’re not competing with rival schools. It’s as simple as searching and downloading to your streaming device or Smart TV.

On-Demand + Live Streaming

Combine the ability to serve videos on-demand with live streaming capabilities and deliver all of your content straight to the TV. No small screens. No ads. No interruptions.​


Fresh Content, Unlimited Uploads

You’re in control of the material you want the world to see. Utilize a variety of playlists featuring: Admissions, Academics, Campus Life, Athletics, and more. Keep your content fresh by adding new videos whenever you please—uploads are unlimited!

Creative Categories

With no limits on categories, you can organize your content however you want, making your channel as unique as your school. Use nested categories to creatively sort your content by department, specialty, audience, entertainment type, and more.


Expand Your Reach. Increase Your Impact.

In today’s connected, high-speed world, more and more organizations are turning to Streaming TV to reach their audiences, customers, and communities.

Churches, realtors, and schools are already using Streaming TV to expand their reach and connect with their audience.

Are you ready to explore the possibilities with us?

"I am excited about the potential that this streaming TV technology offers, and about the opportunities of partnering with Creative Edge."
Dr. Carlos Vargas
President, Southeast Missouri State University
“Creative Edge is changing the game! Until now, high quality & affordable are two words that haven't lived together in the world of streaming tv services. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with them on this groundbreaking adventure for our organization."
Josh Reeves
Creative Director, La Croix Church
"Our company has had its own TV show for over two decades. Our new streaming TV service opens up a whole new way to deliver our listings to buyers. It truly is like a Netflix for our brokerage… We love it!"
Dawn Daly
Director of Operations, House of Brokers Realty, Inc.

Your Campus. Your Content.
On Demand.